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Travel insurance

Please ensure adequate travel insurance is in place for any eventuality. By not taking out travel insurance, you have saved money already, you can’t claim back from the establishments. No exceptions will be made. 

Principle of the Cancellation Policy:

Once confirmed, the estastablishments are obliged to honour your reservation. This inevitably means that they turn away other enquiries. Whilst your reason for cancellation may be valid, they cannot “retrieve” enquiries that have been turned away.

The relevant cancellation policy applies should the guest fail to join or start their journey for any reason, including airline delays or missed connections. 

Only written cancellations will be accepted. Ensure to receive confirmation of the written cancellation.

By confirming the booking you accept the above terms and conditions.

Any refunds will be subject to bank and administration fees.

You will be provided with an invoice for your insurance company should you need to make a claim.


Please note that these are simply minimum guidelines, more will always be appreciated by the person delivering the service.



A min of 10% of the total tour cost or the total cost of the taxi fare. 


It’s normal to tip for good service in restaurants, bars, and cafes in South Africa.

Most restaurants do not add a gratuity unless it is a fine dining establishment or for a group larger than 6.

A gratuity of a min of 12.5% is acceptable, if you would like to give more, this will be greatly appreciated by the service staff as in South Africa most waiters work on a very basic salary and rely mostly on their tip/gratuity.

We recommend that you pay the gratuity in cash, ZAR where possible. South African citizens pay commission to exchange foreign currency. If you pay by card, you must write the amount that you wish to tip on the bill before they process your card.


A tip between R5 and R10 for good service is customary. Yes, it is customary, because South Africa is one of the few countries where petrol attendants still operate petrol pumps for customers. There is no self-service option at our petrol stations.


Most safari lodges also have a general staff gratuity box (for waiters, chambermaids etc) and R50–150 per guest per day is a suggested tip guideline. 

Some lodges allow you to assign a gratuity amount to specific departments/person, if tipping separately, then the waiters gratuity will be 12.5% of the food bill.

For Game Rangers/Safari Guides, a recommended daily tip will be between R100 & R150 per person per day.


Generally around R20 a bag

Maps & Fuel


As we have load shedding where the power supply may be interrupted for 2-4 hours at a time, sometimes several times a day we can recommend the following:

Download the geographic location in which you will be traveling on Google Maps in advance, this way, should you be traveling in an area where there is no cellphone reception you can still access your maps.

Click here to view instructions on how to do this.

ALWAYS follow the directions provided/recommended roads by the establishment as these are generally the best route.

We also advise that you inform the establishment of your estimated time of arrival on the day of check-in for them to plan accordingly.


Make sure you check with the car rental company what type of fuel and oil your vehicle requires.

Always view locations of gas/fuel stations on your route on Google Maps and plan accordingly.

Carry cash, ZAR if a card machine is not working due to load-shedding. Some gas/fuel stations do not accept foreign credit cards.

View fuel pricing guidelines here.



Check with your car rental agency what their roadside assistance number is. AA is one of these companies.


When you park your car, please make sure that you park on the side of the road in the direction in which you are driving. You may not park your car on the opposite side of the road with the front of the vehicle facing oncoming traffic. You will get a traffic fine.


Load shedding

Load shedding refers to strategic blackouts in South Africa, where citizens are left without power between 2-4 hours several times per day.

The load-shedding process means turning off the electricity supply to ease pressure on a failing power grid.

Not all establishments have a generator or a solar system due to the high cost of fuel in SA and the cost of solar systems, so please be understanding as most try and do their best to make your visit to South Africa a memorable and pleasurable experience.

You can check what the load-shedding schedule will be by making use of an APP. Check with the establishment that you will be staying at what their location is on the app.

You will then be able to see when the next blackout will occur. This may change without prior notice, from one stage to the next, but it will still be helpful.

Click here to view the APP ESP.

Consulate & emergency Numbers

Country  Telephone
Angola  +27(0)21 425 8700 
Austria  +(0)21 912 1351 / 012 452 9155 
Belgium  +(0)21 419 4690 
Bulgaria  +(0)21 556 0086 / +(0)12 342 3720 
Brazil  +(0)21 421 4040 
Canada  +(0)21 945 4960 or 021 945 2429 / Emergency Number: +(0)82 894 6641
China  +(0)21 674 0988 
Chile  +(0)21 554 3241 / +(0)79 931 2262 
Colombia  +(0)21 556 6269 
Cyprus  +(0)21 466 5225 
Estonia  +(0)82 550 6363 (And Emergencies) 
Finland  +(0)21 700 2800 
France  +(0)21 423 1575 
Georgia  +(0)21 421 6355 / 012 346 1831 
Germany  +(0)21 405 3000 / +(0)78 608 0950 Emergency Number: +(0)78 608 0950 
Ghana  +(0)21 671 6199 
Greece  +(0)21 424 8160 
Guatemala  +(0)21 557 1351/ +(0)82 966 1130 
Hungary  +(0)21 886 8855 / +(0)21 886 9048 
India  +(0)21 419 8110 /+(0)21 425 3007 
Indonesia  +(0)21 761 7015 
Italy  +(0)21 487 3900 / +(0)83 398 3010 
Lithuania  +(0)21 439 9030 
Japan  +(0)21 425 1695 / +(0)83 458 0959
After Hours – +(0)10 590 4614 
Madagascar  +(0)21 674 7238 
Malta  +(0)82 906 2000 / +(0)21 911 0631 
Maldives  +(0)21 650 2076 / +(0)21 797 9940 
Mauritius  +(0)21 438 8151 / +(0)82 603 8008 
Mozambique  +(0)21 418 2131/2 
Namibia  +(0)21 419 2810 
Netherlands  +(0)21 421 5660 
Norway  +(0)21 200 8199 
Paraguay  +(0)82 446 6631 
Peru  +(0)82 444 9716 (Weekday and Weekend Emergencies) 
Philippines  +(0)21 433 2270 
Portugal  +(0)21 418 0080/81 
Romania  +(0)21 761 1781 / Emergency Number: +(0)79 272 2466 
Russia  +(0)21 418 3656/57 
Seychelles  +(0)21 713 1583 
Slovakia  +(0)21 715 8833 / +(0)21 418 3656 
Slovenia  +(0)21 976 2248  
Spain  +(0)21 422 2415 
Sri Lanka  +(0)21 839 2921 
Sudan  +(0)21 418 1347 / 012 342 4538 
Sweden  +(0)21 200 8199/ Emergency Number: +(0)12 426 64 00
Switzerland  +(0)21 400 7500 
Turkey  +(0)78 821 1991
United Kingdom  +(0)21 405 2400 
USA  +(0)21 702 7300 
Vanuatu  +(0)21 434 6517
Zimbabwe  +(0)21 461 1994/5 


Country  Telephone
Emergencies from Mobile 112
Emergencies from Landline 107
South African Police Service 10111
Medical & Fire +(0)21 535 1100
Table Mountain NP Emergencies +(0)21 480 7700
Sea and Mountain Rescue +(0)21 948 9900
National Sea Rescue Institute +(0)87 094 9774
Baboon Monitors +(0)71 588 6540
Shark Spotters +(0)78 174 4244
Ambulance 10177

Please check that the numbers for your consulate are still correct before your travel as the above-mentioned numbers may change without prior notice.

Foreign currency

You will be able to exchange money at some banks at airports/foreign exchange brokers like Travelex.

You will also find ATM facilities at the airport. 

The majority of businesses accept mostly VISA and MASTERCARD.

There is a limited amount of businesses that accept AMEX and DINERS CLUB due to their high transaction charges.

Restaurant Bookings

We can recommend that you make all your restaurant reservations in advance, especially during peak season.

Accommodation establishment migh make recommendations, but guests are required to make/cancel their own reservations as some restaurants require deposits.

Please use Dineplan to make your bookings direct with the restaurants.

Dineplan-Restaurant Booking


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